Championship games complete!
1st Place - Canova
2nd Place - Bon Homme
3rd Place - Gregory
4th Place - Parkston

Veteran's Memorial Sports Complex and Fred Haase Park
July 13, 14 & 15

Championship bracket

"Hard Luck" bracket

From the South on Hwy 25:
   To Complex - turn east onto E 1st Ave, E 3rd Ave or E 5th Ave to parking
   To Haase Field - turn east onto E 12th Ave to parking

From East or West on Hwy 12:
   To Complex - turn south onto Main St/Hwy 25; proceed 3/4 mile; turn east onto E 5th Ave or E 3rd Ave to parking
   To Haase Field - turn south onto E 7th St to parking (Shopko corner)

Between fields:
   From Complex to Haase - go north on E 4th St; turn east onto E 12th Ave to parking
   From Haase to Complex - go west on E 12th Ave; turn south onto E 4th St
 ** Follow home plate shaped signs posted along routes

Please note there are no pets allowed within the complex grounds.  
They are permitted in the parking areas. 

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